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1) Host a House Party:  Food, drinks, Queer Asylum information, raffle and CONGA LINE! We can have fun and get Queer Asylum Seekers out of concentration camps and bring them home to the largest LGBTQIA Community in the world!

2) Sponsor an Event: Have a restaurant, winery, or a large office space? Invite your friends and customers to come and hear about the work of the Queer Asylum Accompaniment Team and the work we're doing to aid the process of securing asylum for people fleeing constant physical and mental harassment and violence.


3) Non-cash Donations: Wine, Smart Go-Phones, Gift Cards for Safeway, Olivers, Costco, Starbucks, the Mall, Rite Aid, CVS, restaurants. What would you need if you we're arriving in a foreign country with nothing? 

(no used donations) Call for pickup: (707)799-0109

4) Volunteer: Our volunteers go to court with the asylum seeker, provide transportation to therapy and medical appointments, shopping, assist with translation, accessing services, having fun, nightlife and collaborating to secure a life of safety and opportunity. You don't have to speak Spanish to become a volunteer.


5) Become an Asylum Seeker Sponsor: A Sponsor provides a safe place for the asylum seeker to live for approximately 6 months. We assist with the process and once your guest arrives we offer our services of Accompaniment and access to our many partners who offer free medical care and therapy in Spanish, access to free food, Court Accompaniment, access to legal representation, donations in support of their legal case and incidentals. It's usually the responsibility of the Sponsor to get the Asylum Seeker from detention to their home. We can help with this.

The Asylum Seeker is responsible for their own bills. You can ask them to leave at anytime, no legal obligation, no financial obligation and you have no reporting duties to ICE or Dept of Homeland Security.

6) Make a Cash Donation

Make an online donation to QAA by going here:

Please, let us know you have made a donation and the amount.  Thank you!

Donations to QAA (through NBOP) are deductible or tax favorable if:
1)  you make checks out to "North Bay Organizing Project or NBOP" with "Queer Asylum Accompaniment or QAA"  in the memo line.  (NBOP is the umbrella 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for QAA.) 
2)  you itemize on your California 540
3)  you are over 70 1/2 and you direct whoever manages your retirement account/s to direct deposit part or all of your RMD Required Minimum Distribution to NBOP.  This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution and the RMD will not be considered as income.  

Read on the link below to learn more about QCDs.
















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