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North Bay Rapid Response Network

While our federal government stoops to new lows in criminalizing and punishing migrants and asylum seekers especially at our border to the south, the North Bay Rapid Response Network continues to organize a strong hotline network here in Sonoma, Napa & Solano Counties. 

In the 2 months after the shocking election of November 2016, many organizations and committed individuals across Sonoma County came together to join with already functioning Bay Area Rapid Response hotlines to form The North Bay Rapid Response Network. Napa County soon joined us in the Spring of 2017. On the 1-year anniversary, November 8, 2017 of the current administration's election, despite the vast wildfire disasters, the NBRRN officially launched. In the spring of 2018, Solano County also joined our network. 


The Rapid Response Network hotline provides a way for people to respond to fear and anxiety in our communities as a result of the increase in immigration enforcement, ICE raids and other attacks on immigrants. The network provides a 24 hour hotline to immigrants facing a raid by federal immigration agents, dispatches trained legal observers to the raid location, provides legal defense to affected communities and offers accompaniment to victims and families following a raid. Our mission is to mobilize an emergency response network, serve as witnesses to immigration enforcement actions, uphold the rights of immigrants, and provide services to affected North Bay residents. 


Our hotline network is composed of bi-lingual dispatchers who will stay on the phone with anyone facing an immigration enforcement action at their home, workplace, on the street or anywhere. Hotline dispatchers answer calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The NBRRN hotline is for emergency calls about an active raid, but dispatchers end up answering many questions and making referrals for frightened community members. When the hotline is called and a raid is verified by Legal Observers, dispatchers notify lawyers and begin the process of legal aid. We currently have nearly 30 dispatchers and we need more. As well, legal observation teams who are MigraWatch-trained observers respond directly to the site of an ongoing ICE raid. Observers bear witness to immigration enforcement actions and provide data for the network and the victim’s legal defense. We have trained more than 600 Legal Observers. Our accompaniment teams make a long-term commitment to be present for the individual victim or family victims left behind and remain involved with these people sometimes for months. These teams work and support individuals and families with connections to social services, food banks, appointments, housing, legal support, accompaniment to court hearings, translation, etc. 


Contact Susan Shaw, Co-Director North Bay Organizing Project 707-481-2970. 


North Bay Rapid Response Network Stats 

Summary Calls As of May 31, 2018: Total Hotline Calls: 1436 Total Reported Incidents: 44 

Total Number of NBRRN Volunteers: Legal Observers: 600+ Accompaniment volunteers: 161 Dispatchers: 26 active 

Summary There have been 1436 calls fielded by the dispatching team, with 44 total incidents of reported ICE activity as of May 31, 2018. Over 60% of NBRRN calls and reported incidents occurred in February and March. These were due to a wave of ICE arrests that targeted Napa County. During the week of February 26, 2018, ICE detained 232 people throughout Northern California. 


24 hour hotline: 707-800-4544

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