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Uptick in ICE Arrests in North Bay Targeting Mexican Nationals with Unexecuted Orders

We wanted to alert folks to a significant uptick in ICE arrests in the community here in the Bay Area, in particular in Sonoma and Napa counties (so far). As you're probably aware, enforcement was down drastically since the beginning of shelter in place. I'm only aware of one arrest in the community (e.g. not a jail or prison transfer) since mid-March, which took place in San Mateo County in late June. However, since last Tuesday CCIJ has responded to now four arrests in the community. Below I will provide as much information as I can about the facts around each case. The big common denominator is that all have been Mexican nationals with unexecuted orders, which we believe are the target of this operation because they can be removed the same day. Local ICE seems very disinclined to detain anyone new for even a night right now, most likely because that would require sending them out of jurisdiction (since Yuba is only accepting jail/prison transfers and MVDF is court-barred from any new intakes).  ICE's disinclination to transfer new arrests out of jurisdiction has been evidenced by their response following legal interventions to stop immediate removal in two of the cases. In one, ICE released someone on recognizance after we got a stay in place. Today, we got a stay in place for someone else but ICE set $25,000 bond (in part due to his having breached a previous bond) but when the family could not pay it, the officer released him on an ankle bracelet with a check-in next week to give the family time to figure out how to post bond. Here are the basic facts on each of these recent arrests:
  1. Mexican national. Overstayed VD after BIA dismissed appeal in 2012. No arrests since. May have dismissed shoplifting and DV charges that preceded her removal order but no other crim. ICE was waiting at her workplace in Sonoma County.

  2. Mexican national. Overstayed VD after PFR denied in 2006. Had 2018 DUI conviction (only crim) and was still doing classes. Arrested outside home in Sonoma County.

  3. Mexican national. In absentia order from 2018. No arrests since. Most recent conviction was for check fraud in 2010. Prior to that, had some more serious convictions but was granted LPR cancellation. Followed to post office and detained there - in Sonoma County.

  4. Mexican national. In absentia order from May 2019 and no arrests since then. Had ~2015 DUI and 273.5 corporal injury on cohabitant. Followed from home and pulled over in Napa County. Asked for help from CHP because he was being followed by unmarked car, and said the CHP officer seemed to know ICE was following him already.

If anyone has questions, feel free to reach out to me and Itzel, CCIJ's Bay Area Rapid Response Coordinator (cc'ed here). In solidarity, Katie KavanaghInterim Legal Director & Lead Rapid Response Attorney California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice (CCIJ) **Please note my new contact information** Mailing address: 530 Divisadero St. #808, San Francisco, CA 94117 | Ph: (415) 684-2736 | Fax: (415) 840-0046

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